Bike Shares In Detroit…Good or Bad Idea?

Bike Share
Bike Share Program being researched by Wayne State University

One thing all major thriving cities have in common is accessibility. Their downtown centers are made easily accessible by some type of public transportation whether it be subway train, bus, or cars. It seems an age-old question in Detroit, should we invest money into public transportation? Should we build a light rail system to update our antiquated ways? One of the newest ideas on the horizon is a bike share service. Bike shares usually accompany a light rail system, allowing you to rent a bike for a period of time (whether it be 30 minutes or 30 days) making your commute to and from your train fast and convenient. The Huffington Post reports that Wayne State University’s Office of Economic Development is spearheading research efforts to determine whether a bike share program would work here in the Motor City.

I have lived and worked in Midtown/New Center area for over a year, and I have told myself numerous times that I want to buy a bike to ride to Eastern Market. I would definitely take a bike instead of my car to so many places if it were made so convenient to me. I love the idea of a bike share program because it solves some of the issues we have parking and getting around, and it’s environmentally friendly. I would consider eventually giving up my car and stop paying for gas, although I’m still not sure I want to pay to rent a bike.  Is it easier to rent one, or should I just buy one?

Olivia Blogger
Lady of the D

Bike shares have been implemented successfully in major cities like London, Japan and Minneapolis. Will this mode of transportation help you get around Detroit? Where should these bikes be located in the city? 

~Lady of the D

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