Detroit Marathon

Runners on bridge
The Detroit marathon takes runners into Windsor, Ontario.

This weekend, thousands of brave and/or crazy people will hit the streets of Detroit—some wearing skimpy outfits. How’s that for an attention-getter? No matter how you view someone who voluntarily runs 26.2 miles, thousands of them will be pounding the pavement during the Detroit marathon this Sunday, October 21st.

One of the most intriguing things about this marathon is that it takes place in two countries! The early stage of the race takes runners across the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario before heading back into the U.S. via the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. Another fun fact: the “underwater mile” was named one of the 26 most memorable marathon miles by Competitor Magazine in 2010. Click here for the course map.

Here are some highlights from the 2011 race:

I’m one of those brave/crazy people who has run a marathon, and I can tell you firsthand that the people cheering along the way really do make a difference, especially in the last 6 miles, when most runners hit the proverbial “wall.” Having someone motivate you to keep going or make you laugh with their funny signs can really help take your mind off the fact that your legs are numb and your feet are cursing at you. So if you’re thinking of heading out to cheer on the runners along the route, you’ll have more of an impact than you might think, and you’ll have a good time yourself. If you know someone who is running, you can even download an app to keep tabs on their progress.

Whether you lace up your shoes and take part in the race, cheer on the runners from the sidelines, or just hole up and stay inside, the marathon will be hard to ignore in Detroit this weekend. There will be many road closures and restrictions throughout the D. Most of them start early Sunday morning, but there are also some on Saturday.

Are you planning to go out and cheer the runners, or stay home all weekend to avoid the traffic hassles? And if you’re running, let us know how you do!


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