The Future of Detroit Biking: Bike City?

In the future, Detroit may be known for more than its automotive achievements. Motor City is becoming more bike-friendly and commuting by bicycle is now a real possibility for many residents of the D. The popularity of this healthy, green and affordable way to travel is growing not only in Detroit, but nationwide.

Detroit Bikes

Small businesses like Detroit Bikes are trying to make their start in the industry. According to a story on Model D, owner and founder, Zac Pashak, plans to build an affordable commuter bike in a factory he purchased in the city.

Detroit Bike City

In another story written about him in Canada’s Globe and Mail, Canadian-born Pashak shared his reason for locating his factory in Detroit.

“Detroit is attracting risk takers and a lot of creative people right now. It has a Gold Rush feeling to it. … People want to see positive change in Detroit, so they are deeply invested in what is happening there. They want to hear new ideas. It’s a great atmosphere for business.” – Zac Pashak, owner and founder of Detroit Bikes

Detroit has many cycling groups, organizations and events available for bike enthusiasts. Detroit Bike City offers Monday night rides and has a yearly bike show. The Tour de Troit is an annual bike ride that helps raise awareness of biking as transportation and raise funds for the greenways of Detroit.

On top of the many bike shops, groups and events, Wayne State University is researching a possible bike share program. This would be idea for commuters who don’t want to invest in purchasing their own bike.

bike sharing
Lots of large cities, including New York City, have seen success with bike sharing programs.

In the not-so-distant future, it looks like Detroit could be known more for its two-wheel, man-powered forms of transportation, rather than the four-wheel, horse-powered kind. Motor City? More like Bike City!

Roll out your thoughts on Detroit biking!

Whether it’s two wheels or four, U-Haul is proud to be a part of Detroit’s community on wheels. Are you an avid or recreational cyclist? Do you commute by bike or want to? What do you think needs to happen to make Detroit more bike-friendly?

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