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When one thinks of Detroit I’m pretty sure good eats aren’t in your top three things that come to mind. Well I’m here to change that because personally, “good eats” would fall into my number two spot. Now keep in mind I’m not referring to the, “Greater Detroit Area” or the, “Metro Detroit Area” I’m talking DETROIT, MICHIGAN! While in the midst of contemplating my next topic to blog about, I, to no ones surprise, took a break (why?) because my sweet tooth had adequately taken over my mind, body and soul.. I’m usually a Dairy Queen type of gal, but at 8:30 pm on a Thursday evening I was in no condition to go on a city wide hunt for a good old fashioned ice cream treat. Which is how I stumbled across the MooTown Creamery – cute name right? Located conveiniently in the heart of the city’s infamous, Eastern Market, the antique shop turned ice cream parlor, is the first of its kind in Eastern Market’s history! No, they don’t carry 31 flavors, but the ones they do feature are worthwhile and to be completely honest, superman ice cream (the REAL superman ice cream) is my kryptonite. No offense to the Blue Moon sold at a grocery store near you. The parlor also offers a variety of Michigan made product lines such as Faygo (beverages made in Detroit) and Better Made snack foods, not to mention their delicious ice cream. The parlor also second’s as a place to hold a wide range of events from children’s birthday parties to retirement parties. So visit MooTown creamy next time you’re in the area, and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Now everyone knows that October is the most fabulous month out of the year and only 20 percent of it has to do with the fact that it’s also my birthday this month. Since I love food and Detroit Restaurant week was held from October 1-7, highlighting some of Detroit’s finest restaurants and bars. I had the opportunity to visit Iridescence restaurant, which is located at the top of MotorCity Casino with breath taking views and a fabulous interior décor. I would definitely name it a Detroit City romantic hot spot. With an array of wines and delicate menu items, this is one place where disappointments are few and far between. For small dinner parties Iridescence offers a private wine room for you and your guests to get away peacefully.

If you’re looking for something with a romantic feel but less presidential, I stumbled across Good Girls, Go to Paris (men don’t be deterred). The small storefront restaurant is located on Woodward Avenue and specializes in crepes. For those of you who are not crepe savvy there are more than just dessert options GGGP offers two menus with sweet and savory options, each crepe designed and named after women ( that’s right, go figure!). I had the pleasure of meeting ( or should I say eating) Sharon, located on the sessert menue, was an incredible desseret stuffed with strawberries, cream cheese and topped with brown sugar. While I was visiting, I also met Claire from the savory side which came equipped with chicken, broccoli and a specialty cheese – I honestly felt like a kid in a chocolate factory. I highly recommend both of these crepes – they truly are delicious.

My next three suggestions are on restaurants located in the downtown area, but growing up in the city I learned that the places you least expect, will have the best food around. I would like to call it the best of the most known, “UNKNOWNS”. Located on Gratiot, you will find the best steaks and twice baked potatoes around at Capers ‘Home of the Steak By the Ounce’. After your first visit you will feel like a “steak-pert” (an expert on steak) with four different types of cuts and a wide range of sizes you can’t go wrong with this family owned diner. Please be advised a nap should be in order directly following dinner here. If you’re just looking for something to grab on the go my next recommendation would be Asian Corned Beef and Ocean located on the corner of 7-mile road and Conant, on Detroit’s eastside. Asian corned beef is the perfect mix of Asian cuisine, meets American food, and right here in Detroit. With egg rolls stuffed with your choice of filling ranging from chicken, corned beef and cabbage, to Italian sausage it’s the perfect on-the-go snack. I do not endorse eating while driving, however, if you have to, this should be your food of choice.

Now I apologize for the food over load but who doesn’t love food? With so many options within city limits why would you go any place else?!

 -Community Blogger Asia Gholston

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