U-Haul Executive Stuart Shoen on Destination 313

Destination 313
Destination 313 Talk Show with Paul W. Smith, Stuart Shoen and Stephen Luigi Piazza

Our Executive Vice President, Stuart Shoen,  joins the Destination 313 talk show on November 2nd. Stuart discusses why U-Haul decided to purchase the Nabisco Building, and move into the city of Detroit. As you may recall from my previous post, Destination 313 is dedicated to showcasing Detroit gems and creating discussion about Detroit revitalization. Well, this is exactly what they did in this week’s segment. Stuart shares a little history about U-Haul and our long-term dedication to sustainability, revitalization and the community. He also provides some details about what products and services our facility will be offering when we open.

The show aired Friday, November 2 on WJR-760 AM. You can also listen to a podcast of the show Here .

Have you listened to previous Destination 313 shows? Did listening to Stuart’s comments provide you a different understanding of U-Haul?  Tell us what you think in the comments! 


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