Detroit Big City with a Friendly Appeal

When speaking to someone who lives outside of the state of Michigan about Detroit, you sometimes get mixed reviews.  On my recent trip I realized that this city, with its big, bad, rap, is truly not as bad as people make it out to be.   In my opinion, Detroit is a big city with a friendly appeal!

Being a true outsider who grew up in a small town in Connecticut and having resided in Phoenix since 1990, I didn’t really know what to expect when I visited Detroit for the first time last month.  After returning on my second trip to this fabulous city, I realized I am beginning to fall in love with not only the city itself, but also with the people who live in the D!

Passion for ‘the D’!
The residents of Detroit are people who are passionate about the city they live in, and they have a camaraderie among themselves that is unspoken yet passionately felt.  Detroit is a bustling city filled with tons of art, culture, fashion and  history.  The city of Detroit’s historical  innovations in  transportation allowed America and the world to be a free-moving society.   However, no matter how Detroit’s past has evolved, its history remains dominant in a city that has seen some of the best successes and some of the worst set-backs of all time.  This only proves how resilient the city of Detroit is, and explains why the residents are so passionate and protective of ‘the D’!

One would think that living in a big city like Detroit would make running into anyone you might know pretty much impossible- not in ‘the D’!  Recently, during an outdoor lunch with a friend (who happens to be a Detroit native), I was impressed with the fact that she knew just about everyone that walked past her.  Not only that, but each person even stopped to say “hello”, and welcomed us to the city.  Talk about feeling welcomed and at home!

The Guardian Building

Not only did I feel at home walking around the city of Detroit, but the people also couldn’t be more friendly.  Just walk down the street alone and I guarantee that someone will greet you with a “hello” along with a great big smile.  Plus the architecture in Detroit is amazing and interesting to look at while strolling along the streets!

No matter what your preconceived notions may be, Detroit is a city that has it all:   history, culture, entertainment, tons of restaurants, free festivals, community outreach, major sports events and community pride.

Just check out some of the following links to get a feel for what this exciting city has to offer:  After5Detroit, The Detroit Regional News Hub, D:Hive and Midtown Detroit Inc.

So, don’t believe every thing you hear; Detroit is a city that truly cares!  But, the only way to experience Detroit is to experience it for yourself!  I highly recommend putting Detroit on your travel to-do list – you won’t be disappointed. And, to put it bluntly,  America owes it to Detroit!


Let’s hear what you have to say about the D!

When was the last time you visited the  city of Detroit? Do you get the same friendly city impression that I received?    

~Joey Girl

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