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Kerry Doman
CEO and Founder of After 5 Detroit

During my last visit to Detroit I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO and Founder of After 5 Detroit, Kerry Doman.  After meeting her, I immediately understood why she started After 5 Detroit, she loves Detroit and wants everyone she meets to love the city too.  Walking around Detroit during the day, it’s impressive to see the large number of young professionals working in the city.  This is clearly a city that will thrive after dark, and what better way to make this happen then to host networking and social events to bring  young professionals together. Well, this is exactly what Kerry stared 5 years ago.  She created a website to highlight events, destinations and fun information about Detroit.  After 5 has now expanded to include Connect After 5 and After 5 Intern Program. Here is a little breakdown of each program and how you can get involved.

Connect After 5
The DEGC took home the championship trophy, in Connect After 5 Softball Tournament.

Connect After 5: Does you company need a morale boost? Do you want to attract and retain young talent? Connect After 5 is a great way to get your team together after work.  This program is comprised of  organized events that are sure to build camaraderie, engage employees in the community and connect them with colleagues at other companies around Detroit.

  • After 5 Intern Program: Think back to when you were graduating college. What did you consider when choosing your first job?  Like most young professionals fresh out of college, lifestyle is a big factor.   The After 5 Intern program is a combination of events and networking showcasing all that Detroit  offers to the young professionals that will soon be faced with the decision to start their career in the city.  Since interns are sponsored for this program by their company, it is a great way to show them they are worth retaining as a full-time employee!
  • So whether you are curious about Detroit city living,  or just want to find out about the best restaurants,  nightlife, and upcoming events, After 5 can help you.  It was a pleasure meeting Kerry Doman, and I hope  you all have a chance to check out these great programs to help bring young professionals back in to the city.

    Have you been to any of the After 5 events?  What do you think Detroit needs to attract young professionals to move in to the city? Tell us in the comments! 


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