D:Hive Detroit – Showcasing the D and all it has to offer!

D:Hive Detroit Photo Via In the D

A business catching our attention these days is D:Hive Detroit.  If you drive up Woodward Avenue, you can’t miss their store front, it’s right in the heart of downtown and it spikes your curiosity.    What is the D:Hive? They serve as your own personal introduction to the city of Detroit.  Whether you are in the market for to move Downtown, start a business,  or just want to visit the D,  D: hive wants to help you! D:Hive knows all that Detroit has to offer, and they work hard to share that information with you and help you navigate through the city, in a way suited for you.  These four words on D:Hive Detroit’s website say it all, “Live, Work, Engage, Build“.

D:Hive Detroit, Showcasing D:Best of the D!
D:Hive Tour

Here is a Better Picture of How It Works!
Not only does D:Hive seem to know and do it all, they also have Jeanette Pierce, Community Relations Director.  Jeanette is a native who grew up  in Detroit.  Because of a love Jeanette’s mother has for the D, she  knows just about everyone and everything there is to know about Detroit! From the city’s history,  culture and arts, to its architecture and the best places to eat, drink and enjoy – she can talk about it all.  If you don’t believe me,  then you can schedule a free tour of your own with a D:Hive ambassador.   D:Hive offers free bar tours, walking tours, bus tours,  private and specialty tours.   Pretty much – just ask and you shall receive with D:Hive.

Grand Trunk

During our visit with Jeanette we enjoyed lunch outside on the patio at the Grand Trunk Restaurant. The food was Delicious and we all especially liked the local Deep fried pickles!  Grand Trunk is unique because the building used to be the Grand Trunk Rail Road’s ticket station.  To make the lunch even more interesting, Jeanette  pretty much knew the name of every person that walked past us, almost to the point I felt like I was on an episode of CHEERS.

After a fun and informative lunch Jeanette took us for a walking tour around some of the city.  We visited the Guardian Building, where we  awed in amazement of the beauty and grandeur of the architecture and its history.We then took a short walk to the Spirit of Detroit – we were lucky to be able to experience some of the Tiger Vibe and the World Series.

D:Hive Detroit

D:Pop Photo via D:Hive

We then walked back to the D:Hive office and saved the best for last, some therapy shopping in D:Pop.  D:Pop is a great way for local entrepreneurs without a store front to display their products.  D:Pop retail shop, showcases locally sourced and produced products, which is a great way to give back to the city of Detroit!  During our visit with Jeanette, we were scheming up some fun ideas for ways that U-Haul could partner with D:Pop, but you’ll have to stay tuned to hear more about that!

What a great day we had in the D!  I have fallen more in love with Detroit the more I learn, see and DO!  Thank you D:Hive for a very  memorable day!

Have you stopped by D:Hive yet? Or shopped at D:Pop? Tell us about your experience in the comments below! 


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