Detroit Responds to Hurricane Sandy

Detroit Dog Rescue
Photo courtesy of Detroit Dog Rescue.

In the midst of their own community revitalization, the people of Detroit have strength to spare to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

One Detroit-based organization, Detroit Dog Rescue, was quick to respond to the needs of the four-legged victims—both dogs and cats. The organization was able to secure donated food from a Detroit-based pet supply store. Using a U-Haul truck, Detroit Dog Rescue delivered the food to New York where Guardians of Rescue, a New York-based nonprofit, was eagerly awaiting their arrival.

“The nation is aware of our hard times and struggles here in Detroit. Detroit Dog Rescue will represent the city of Detroit with honor and pride. We will show the East Coast and the rest of the nation that no matter how many times we are knocked on our backs, we get up for ourselves and fellow Americans in need.”  Detroit Dog Rescue via Facebook

Hurricane Sandy also took its toll on victim’s vehicles. It’s been reported that more than 200,000 cars have been damaged by the superstorm. Michigan-based auto companies like Ford and Chrysler, as well as others, also were quick to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Many manufacturers are offering vehicle replacement incentives for people who need to purchase a new vehicle. Some companies are allowing qualifying victims to delay their monthly payments.

Chrysler and Chevrolet also have donated vehicles to help transfer supplies and transport relief workers. Check out this article for more information on automotive relief programs.

For more information other Hurricane Sandy relief resources, check out this blog post on

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