TechTown Helps Revitalize Detroit

Michigan SmartZones

In 2000, with the goal of boosting new business growth, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation created the Michigan SmartZone network. This network is comprised of 15 SmartZones that each contain an academic institution and have specific regional revitalization and business development goals. The TechTown SmartZone has partnered with Wayne State University and covers most of Detroit including our U-Haul building. It is exciting to join a community where great revitalization efforts have already begun!

Recently, TechTown has began focusing its revitalization efforts in Brightmoor. This area in northwest Detroit, like many, is battling a high level of unemployment, crime and abandoned homes. But, TechTown is actively working with small business owners to help revitalize this community.

With the aid of a $150,000 grant, TechTown continues to work towards it’s mission of supporting small business and entrepreneurs not just in Brightmoor, but throughout Detroit.

“TechTown is a marketplace full of resources to provide entrepreneurs with what they need when they need it. Its aim is to meet you where you are and connect you to resources to propel you to success. The entrepreneurial journey starts with an idea, and execution is the bridge that leads to realized dreams. It is the bridge of execution that TechTown aims to support.” – TechTown website

If you are interested in how TechTown can help your small business, check out their website.

– Jennifer

What kind of small businesses do you think Detroit needs? Do you run a small business and could benefit from TechTown support? How do you think the addition of moving services and self-storage will help small businesses and the community?  We’d love to hear from you! 

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