Graffiti Street Art in Detroit

GRCC Outdoor Gallery

Just as music evolves, so does art. And graffiti, or street art, is becoming more and more popular every day. For instance, artists like Banksy, C215 and Dan Witz have turned graffiti into art. And Detroit is part of this surge in popularity of graffiti street art, and has some pretty talented artists of its own.

Art enthusiasts looking to check out some incredible street art have two very popular options. The first is the Grand River Creative Corridor (GRCC) Outdoor Gallery, known as “Detroit Repurposed.” Local artist Sydney G. James designed an 11-piece installation with the help of 9 other artists and craftsmen. The installation is a free, outdoor exhibit inspired by the people, history and potential future of Detroit. Check out the GRCC Outdoor Gallery at 4731 Grand River Avenue in Detroit.

Dotty Wotty House by Tyree Guyton
Dotty Wotty House by Tyree Guyton

Another Detroit street art treasure is the Heidelberg Project. Detroit native Tyree Guyton grew up during the Detroit riots and decided to use art as a way to lift the spirits of a downtrodden city. He began by using vacant lots and houses as his canvas. Though some of his art was demolished over time, much of his work is still intact. You can see this world-famous “art environment” at 3600 Heidelberg Street in Detroit.

Have you been to see the GRCC Outdoor Gallery or the Heidelberg Project? What are your thoughts on street art? Have you seen graffiti in Detroit that you would classify as street art? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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