U-Haul and the Detroit Future City Plan: Horizon 2

What's on the horizon for Detroit?

In our previous post about the Detroit Future City plan, we discussed how U-Haul will fit into the first of the four horizons in the plan. During the first five years, the plan focuses on stabilizing the city. U-Haul is taking an active role in the revitalization of Detroit with the renovation of the old Nabisco building in the New Center area of Detroit.

Horizon 2 focuses on the next ten years with the goal to “improve.” The Detroit Future City plan states that this phase in the plan will begin to see the results of the efforts made in Horizon 1—specifically, increasing the number of services and jobs to meet the community’s basic needs.

Horizon 2 states that Detroit will be a more affordable place to live in and will have increasing job opportunities. One factor of the plan states that “more mixed-use urban centers of the city are starting to increase in residential and population density.”

The opening of the U-Haul facility in the New Center area of Detroit during Horizon 1 will spur other business growth and activity in that area. Long before the start of Horizon 2, the U-Haul center will be completely renovated and operational. Detroit residents will have a moving and self-storage business to rely on, as well as jobs created by the activity at our center. This will help promote a more convenient area to live and work for the residents of Detroit.

Just like the goals in Detroit Future City plan, it’s our goal to help the city reestablish vibrant communities, where people can live close to businesses providing needed goods and services. We are in it for the long haul!

Check back for more information on how U-Haul is going to help with the next 50 years of Detroit’s future and beyond.

For more information on the progress of our renovation, check out our weekly building updates.

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