Our Vision Is One Step Closer to Reality 04-03-13

U-Haul Nabisco Building Showroom_cam1

Within the first few seconds of walking into a home, a restaurant or a store, you know if it’s a place you want to be in. Our vision for the showroom in the U-Haul Nabisco building in New Center Detroit is not only to invite you in, but to give you a sense of the history of the building. That vision is moving one step closer to reality this week.

The showroom floor has been stained, and counters will be installed on Thursday, and model storage rooms on Friday.

U-Haul Nabisco building Detroit coal view doors (2)
U-Haul Nabisco building Detroit lights on bucket repaired

Adding to the sense of history, we repaired the lights on the showroom clamshell bucket, using lights that are replicas of early 19th century lighting to keep it looking authentic. We’ve also painted and locked into position the doors to the coal room viewing-area. We think this will become a favorite spot for our customers.

Wrapping up the third floor

U-Haul Nabisco building Detroit inside view bonus room

We’re still finishing up some areas on the third floor. There are still a few rooms that need a little trim work and the restroom will be complete and ready for rough inspection on Friday 4/8. We’re also scheduled for the final electrical inspection on Thursday 4/4.

Fourth floor taking shape

U-Haul Nabisco building Detroit 4th floor second day

The fourth floor is beginning to take shape. Construction is underway on storage rooms; we have the first row up and sheeted. Construction on this floor should go faster, now that we have a system established.

Repairs on the flooring are completed, the moldings are installed and painted, the perimeter electrical receptacles are installed, the overhead steam heaters have been removed and capped and the HVAC units have been received. The restrooms will be completed in time for rough inspection with third floor restrooms.

Waiting for warmer weather

All that is left to do in the unloading/loading area is to paint the elevation-change stripes on the floor; right now, the concrete is too cold to paint.

This blog was created to let the community know that U-Haul is in Detroit, and to share our plans with you and to get input from the community. We want to hear from you. Tell us what you like and don’t like about our posts, building plans or anything else you want to share about Detroit. We are excited to be part of the Detroit community and want to learn from you!

Next post, 4/8.


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