Moving Detroit: One Step Closer to Opening Day 06-26-13

Load-Unload Doors01

We are one step closer to opening day at U-Haul Moving and Storage of New Center. The city approved our electrical plans and issued a permit. The inspectors will be out for a final inspection this week. So while things may be winding down on this phase of our adaptive reuse of the Nabisco building, the excitement of opening soon is growing.

Doors, doors, doors

All three new doors in the loading/unloading area have been installed and two of them are operational. We’re still waiting for the header panels to be completed and the glass in the section above the doors is scheduled to be replaced this Friday.

4th floor storage - installing trim02

Trim and safe

Up on the fourth floor the crew is putting the finishing touches to the fourth-floor storage units by installing white trim. The floor is being scrubbed and prepared for the seal coat. Fire extinguishers have been installed on the third and fourth floors. Each fire extinguisher will have its own alarm that will sound when it is removed from the wall.

Green lights and asphalt

We’re staying green with our exterior lighting. Once the city gives the OK, the plan is to install LED lights on the sconces of the building. And, we’ve completed laying the new asphalt around the handicap ramp.

asphalt repair finished02

Looking ahead

Once we have completed the remaining inspections and have a certificate of occupancy from the city of Detroit, we will place the master order for inventory. Once products arrive and the showroom is stocked, we can open.

We’re already in the planning stages for a fun and informative grand-opening event. So stay tuned.

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