Enhance Game Day with U-Haul & These 5 Tips

U-Haul Company understands that tailgating is as much a part of the fan experience at sporting events as the actual games. Whether it’s college or professional football, a race at the speedway or baseball spring training, no experience is complete without a plate of succulent food and time spent eating, drinking and laughing with fellow fans.

Here are five tips for planning your next tailgating experience:

  1. Plan your menu, grab your portable grill and ready the cooler. You will want to arrive at your sporting event several hours early to secure a nearby spot and not be forced into rushing through those enjoyable tailgating traditions. The food sets the atmosphere. Hot dogs and hamburgers are an easy option but you and your guests may prefer steaks, chicken, sausages, kabobs or another family favorite. It pays to plan ahead and marinate any meats and vegetables the night before in order to maintain efficiency.
  2. Did you know U-Haul is the leading provider of propone in the U.S.? We recommend using propane for ease and cleanliness when it comes to your grilling. Propane can be transported in very small containers for smaller grills – just check with your outdoors and sporting goods stores for a look at all the available options. Propane use ensures that you won’t have to worry about hot coals and lighter fluid if the grill is left unattended. To prevent being caught off guard by an empty tank, use a smart propane tank gauge that connects to an app on your phone letting you know when you’re low.


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  1. Check your local weather. Depending on where you live, there could be a chance of rain or snow – or perhaps too much sun and heat. It’s important to have appropriate coverage for not only the people at the game, but for the food as well. Your guests may not want to stand in the elements. It’s always a good idea to have a tarp cover for a little or A LOT of shelter.
  2. Transporting and setting up can be tricky. If you own a truck, then you can secure items in the bed of the vehicle and be on your way. But if you’re taking a car or SUV that you don’t want to dirty up, one option is to securely pack your tailgating gear on top or on the back of your vehicle. If the weather is an issue, you could go with a weatherproof carrier. There are numerous options depending on the size and weight capacity you require that will fit virtually any vehicle.
  3. Make the clean-up process simple and environmentally friendly. Don’t be that group that makes a mess like your parents are going to pick up after you – unless they’re tailgating with you and actually agree to clean up. Do your part to help keep your favorite team’s destination as nice as possible. U-Haul Company is into sustainability and caring for our planet in a big way. Use disposable and recyclable plates, cups and utensils to make for an easy clean-up. Bag your trash and use any available recycling containers. A little effort goes a long way for your fellow fans.

Whether you’re a savvy veteran or first-timer, a little planning and some help from U-Haul can make your tailgating experience as good as it gets! Check out more grilling and tailgating tips on our blog: movinginsider.com!

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