CEO Joe Shoen Gives Advice to College Graduates

It’s that time of year when a new class of bright-eyed, eager college graduates are released into the working world. With every class comes fresh perspectives, diverse skill sets and new ideas. CEO Joe Shoen has some advice for college graduates in the video below.

CEO Joe Shoen says the most important thing to remember is to enjoy what you do and success will come.

Find something you’re good at that you like. Forget what it pays; forget if it’s a growing industry; forget it all. You could make covered wagons and make a living in this country if you really wanted to.

The CEO also advises students to find something they’re good at and that they enjoy. He believes this combination yields happiness. When speaking on his own experience at U-Haul, he says U-Haul has always given the customer what they want and that is the reason for its success.

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