U-Haul won bronze in the 37th annual Telly Awards

U-Haul Video Honored in 37th Annual Telly Awards

U-Haul has been recognized as a Bronze Telly winner in the 37th annual Telly Awards competition for its insightful video “Making History.” The U-Haul piece was selected among 13,000-plus entries…

ceo joe shoen

CEO Joe Shoen Gives Advice to College Graduates

It’s that time of year when a new class of bright-eyed, eager college graduates are released into the working world. With every class comes fresh perspectives, diverse skill sets and new ideas. CEO…

stuart shoen

Growing Up in U-Haul: Stuart Shoen

The words “family business” mean something here at U-Haul International. The 70-year-old company still runs on the core family values that the business was built on in 1945. Current Executive Vice President Stuart…