U-Haul “Houses”

Started in 1945 by Sam Shoen and wife, Anna Mary Carty Shoen, U-Haul continues to be a family business. As a matter of fact, many team members have founded their “houses” upon U-Haul and as such, have inspired their children, and their children’s children to join the company as well.

We thought it would be a good idea to pay tribute to some of these families here but give it a creative twist. Just like the popular TV series, we called the families, “houses” and asked the current members for their “words”, sort of a motto that the house lives by and “sigils” a pictorial symbol of what the house represents. Here are two examples of U-Haul “Houses”:

House Dudley

U-Haul "Houses" 4

Name: House Dudley

Sigil: Boxman

Words: “The orange run deepeth in our blood.”

Members (Past and Current): Steve Dudley, Bob Dudley, Norman Dudley, Ashley Dudley, Eric Dudley, Elisha Dudley, Thomas Dudley, Greg Dudley, Steve Dudley Sr., Christine Dudley, Tommy Dudley

Seat: Central Towers and Tech Center

Region: Phoenix, AZ

Lord: Steve Dudley

Heir: Norman Dudley

House Dudley has well over 100 years of combined service between active and former system members. With three generations of U-Haul to their credit, their knowledge is vast and spreads across many different programs.

House DeShong

U-Haul "Houses" 6

Name: House DeShong

Sigil: The AMFORM Logo

Words: “Create more value than you consume”

Members (Past and Current): Harry DeShong, Sr. , Elaine DeShong, Denise DeShong Freeman, Scott Freeman, Diane DeShong French, Richard French, Bob Vanselow, Harry DeShong, Patti DeShong, Heather DeShong

Seat: Central Towers

Region: Arizona, California, Texas, and New York

Lady: Elaine DeShong

Heirs: Patti DeShong, Denise DeShong Freeman

The DeShong family has been instrumental in the growth of U-Haul Company since its beginning; having impact in the following areas:
creating customer service, hot-line, sales and reservations, corporate moves, legal, insurance, IT, accounting, marketing company/centers/shops, U-Haul International marketing policies, programs and procedures, A&M Associates, design and implementation of original truck graphics program, manufacturing and product design and development to include product patents.

In its 70 years of existence, U-Haul has stood on the shoulders of not just one, but many of these “houses”. The families of the many team members form the company. Some of these “houses” carry on. Will you and your family be the next long-lasting U-Haul “House”?

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