U-Haul Truck Conversion: Taj MaSmall

We’ve all heard of the Taj Mahal, but one girl decided to do something a little different and create her own Taj MaSmall. Kim purchased a used  U-Haul GMC 3500-10′ box truck and converted into a mini RV home, and it is basically the cutest thing anyone has put on wheels.

Building the Taj MaSmallTaj MaSmall

This mobile home is fully equipped with anything Kim would need: a shower, bathroom, kitchen, bed, couches, and even french doors! Using materials others may consider junk and some pieces found at thrift shops, Kim built everything herself. The Taj MaSmall has re-purposed copper flashing which she used to make her kitchen space look a little different and found the most adorable vintage cushions in her thrifting to use for her couch. She even took advantage of U-Haul’s “Mom’s Attic” space to set up her miniature bedroom.

Kim’s Story

Amazingly enough, Kim does not do these sort of building projects for a living! Projects such as her truck conversions are done for the sole reason that she enjoys doing them. Kim says that she has loved building stuff in her free time since she was a kid. “As a kid- I would find a 1/2 sheet of plywood and scraps of 2×4’s in the woods, I would “borrow” all my dad’s nails and hammer,  and friends and I would build with whatever we found- envisioning the coolest of tree forts in the woods…” says Kim. Clearly this girl has gone a long way from just envisioning the coolest of projects because her Taj MaSmall is extremely impressive.

Taj MaSmall

On Kim’s blog, she tracks her entire story as well as her other projects. She shares every step from when she first started test driving used box trucks to when she went on her first road trip in her creation.

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