Meet U-Haul’s Customer Care Team

Mar 24, 2016

Here at U-Haul, our top priority is ensuring every customer has the best experience possible. That being said, from time to time errors do occur, and when they do we want to make sure they’re addressed in a quick, friendly and professional manner. That’s where our online customer care team comes in!

Anytime you post on one of our social media channels or initiate a live chat on our website, an individual from the team will do their best to answer whatever question or concern you may have. Last but not least, you may wonder what the symbols after their name means. Whenever a team member responds to someone on social media, they include their initials at the end of the post so you know you’re talking with a real person, not a bot. Without further ado, let’s meet the team!

Alison (^AA)

Alison Antone

I enjoy traveling, capturing nature’s beautiful sunsets on Instagram, helping others and of course catching live music shows.

Andrew (^AK)

Hi there! I’ve been with the U-Haul team since late May 2015. I’m just a simple guy living the dream, yet a cultured, sophisticated man about town. When I’m not working or travelling, I enjoy cooking out for family and friends, music of all kinds – performing or listening – getting my face in the wind on a motorcycle – and the wrenching involved with that, and good times with good people.

“The key to winning is poise under stress.” -Paul Brown

April (^AF)

April Finvold

Hey everyone! This coming up April I will have been with U-Haul for one year. I like spending time with my two daughters and my husband. In my spare time I like to watch Netflix, which I probably watch too much of! Looking at stars is another thing I enjoy. I am always looking to explore new places, and have new experiences. New things are what keeps life interesting.

Deanna (^DA)

DeAnna Acosta

If I am not working or in the kitchen, you can usually find me spending time out with my 2-year-old daughter. I am obsessed with TV dramas, Nora Robert’s novels and looking up random things on Google.

Heather (^HN)

I have worked at U-Haul since February 2011.  I have an 18 year old daughter and a 10 year old son.  I have been married since birth.  Just kidding.  I have been married, going on 20 years.  I love to go to concerts, Cardinals football team games, read, swim, movies and traveling.

Jennifer (^JV)

Married with 3 children (1 in the Army, 1 in college and 1 in 4th grade). Retired from the U.S. Air Force after 20 years of service to our country. Enjoy being with my family, visiting amusement parks, vacationing and reading.

Jill (^JW)


My name is Jill, I started as a receptionist for Human Resources and now am a  proud member of the Care Team.  I met my husband working for U-Haul almost 20 years ago.  I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, Sydney is 16 and Megan is 14.  When I’m not working and being a mom, I enjoy going to zumba classes, hiking the beautiful mountains of Arizona and losing myself in a good book!

Karen (^KS)

Having worked many types of jobs, I finally decided to do what I enjoy the most, which is customer service.  When not at work, I am raising two teenage daughters and  coordinate a Bible Study Fellowship that meets twice a week (my degree is in Theology). I enjoy doing art (portraits, mostly), cross stitch, baking, reading, and movies.  I grew up in Brooklyn, New York where my family settled after immigrating there from the Dominican Republic in the 1950’s.   I play a few instruments, so my musical tastes vary, but I especially love Latin and Classical.

Kristy (^KS)

Kristy Swart

I am a mother of 3 crazy kids, 18,12, and 2.  Most of my free time is spent with them but when I do get a moment to myself,  I’m out riding our harley with my husband! This year is my 10 year mark with U-Haul, I am happy to say that I enjoy my job.

Manuel (^MG)


I started my venture with U-Haul in July of 2007. From the beginning, I’ve always been on the front lines helping customers. In my downtime I enjoy spending time with my family, usually barbecuing as I am the designated grill operator. When I am not busy barbecuing, I like to travel and take photographs as part of my photography hobby.

Mathew (^MDS)

Mathew Stone

Hello! My name is Mathew Stone, I have been working with U-Haul for 3-4 years and have never been happier at a company! I am currently in college as a Human Behavior Major, and love talking to new people. I feel like businesses should have personal contact with their customers, to establish that they truly care. A few of my hobbies include raising reptiles, playing darts, and other fun games. I love school, learning and meeting new people!

Matthew (^MPM)

Matt Myskowski

Matthew “Packy” began working with U-Haul in May of 2015. He describes himself as the most impressively awesome person, ever. In his spare time he enjoys long walks on the beach…wait, no, that’s a profile for another website he’s on. Packy is a Pylut…, Pilet…, Pyloot…..he flies airplanes in his spare time, and enjoys computer programming, practicing his Harry Potter wand techniques, four wheeling in the desert, and playing outside with his dog. He prides himself on the fact that he has watched every Steven Seagal movie ever made. His Idol’s include Chuck Norris, Dennis Ritchie, Bill Clinton, and Anthony Edwards as “Goose” in the movie Top Gun. He once claimed he was the adopted son of Jack Bauer and Barney Stinson. Why is he called Packy? Well he’s never actually told us, so maybe if you ask him he’ll tell you and then you can let the rest of us know.

Nicole (^NG)

Hello, my name is Nicole and I have been a part of the U-Haul family since 2006. I love God, my husband and family. Travel is my passion and I enjoy backpacking and hiking. Sewing and photography are my attempts of art and influencing hearts through stomachs. Admirer of music, animals and thrifting. Overthinking and daydreaming while trying to keep my house plants alive.

Tyler (^TF)


Hi there, my name is Tyler. I have been enjoying my line of work for close to a year now at U-Haul.
I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with my family as well as going on family trips. I also enjoy camping, astronomy, photography, guitar and so much more.

Virginia (^VU)


My name is Virginia, I will be working on my Masters in Criminal Justice in the fall! My favorite things to do are travel I have been to Europe 4 times, bike rides with my family and enjoying life!

Do you think it makes it easier to get help these days with the help of online tools like online chat and social media?  Tell us in the comments!

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