Customer Raves About Service at Utah U-Haul Store

PROVO, Utah—Paul Glissmeyer, general manager at U-Haul Moving and Storage of Bulldog Blvd., follows a simple philosophy when it comes to customer service.

“You really just treat each customer like they’re a friend,” Glissmeyer explained.

It’s the foundation for how his store operates. And as a result, that foundation helped earn he and his staff some extra recognition. After renting two U-Haul trailers and a tow dolly, Glissmeyer and his staff made customer Robert Burton feel like family. As a result, it compelled him to write a letter to Marketing Company President Brad Ling about his experience.

The letter praised Glissmeyer and other team members at his Utah U-Haul Store for “extraordinary” professionalism. Furthermore, he added that this particular store treated him like a longtime customer. 

“I was treated as if I were family or a close friend. It felt as if I were at a local business where I had been doing business pleasantly for several years. I consider this to be exceptional (if not unique) for a large national company such as U-Haul.”

“A dynamic young man” 

Paul Glissmeyer and Mark Collings receive accolades for their hard work.

Ling was ecstatic to read such a glowing review of Glissmeyer’s team. He feels like they stand out in an area that boasts two four-year universities and, as a result, have plenty of opportunities to make an impact on behalf of U-Haul.

“Paul is a very dynamic young man who really pushes always to be the best,” Ling noted. “I think he treats all of his customers like personal friends. I think he’s very motivated to become Mr. U-Haul of Provo.”

To recognize their efforts and the praise they produced, Ling had the letter framed and presented to Glissmeyer’s team. It now hangs in the store’s break room as a reminder of how memorable their service can be to anyone at any time. Furthermore, it serves as a motivational tool for the team to continue to strive for excellence. 

“It shows that they care that we did a good job,” Glissmeyer reflected. “It’s a nice gesture, for sure.”

Have you ever had service at a U-Haul Store that was so exceptional that you wrote them a letter? Let us know! 

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