Meet the Team: Rebecca Gay is Director of Customer Service

U-Haul is a place where you will find dedicated people with years of valuable experience. U-Haul Team Members often spend many years learning in different fields before using their extensive knowledge to improve the organization. Rebecca Gay is no exception.

Gay grew up in a rural Connecticut town. The town was so small, her regional high school included students from three nearby towns. She began working when she was 16-years-old and held a position at McDonald’s® for 9 years, climbing the ranks to become a manager.

“I gained a lot of valuable management experience at McDonald’s,” Gay said. “When I finally got to U-Haul, I was thinking, ‘If I can run a McDonald’s and work all hours of the night, I can do this.’”

A History at U-Haul

In 1996, Gay was a service manager for an auto repair shop and U-Haul neighborhood dealer. Her U-Haul experience left a positive and lasting impression.

“When I was a U-Haul dealer, I had an area field manager that was out of town, so (current U-Haul owners rep) Jeff Nadeau came out to complete a dealer service report at our facility,” Gay explained. “I remember his work ethic jumped off the page. We had a bunch of furniture pads that were thrown in a heap in the back somewhere and he folded each pad.

“Then, when I came to work for U-Haul full-time, he took me under his wing. He knew I was hungry for knowledge and took the time to teach me everything he could. His help was extremely invaluable.”

A few short years later, Gay became a U-Haul general manager and continued to grow in the company.

“I’ve held almost every position in the field,” Gay said. “I’ve been a general manager, a traffic control manager, a field relief manager, a shop manager, a marketing company president and a rate analyst.”

Gay’s customer service expertise and familiarity with the field subsequently led her to her current position: director of customer service.

Customer Service with a Smile

One of the many great things about U-Haul is how dedication can help each Team Member expand his or her role. Gay has seen the results firsthand.

“I took this job because I missed dealing directly with customers,” Gay said. “I was happy being a rate analyst and I loved my job there, but I missed the actual interaction with the customer.”

As the director of customer service, Gay’s daily role is constantly changing. Because of her experience in the field, she’s ready for the challenges.

“No day is typical, but that’s the same for the field,” Gay explained. “It’s always day-to-day. Sometimes I’m on the phone with customers; sometimes I’m dealing with whatever is going on in the building.”

In her new role, Gay looks forward to bridging the gap between the field and the corporate office.

“Sometimes there seems to be a disconnect, and I want to make everything seamless,” Gay said. “I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and I know we can make everything fluid. My goal is for every customer interaction, on any platform, to be a positive experience. I want to exceed the customer’s expectation on every level.”

Getting Personal

Gay was born and raised in Connecticut and moved to Arizona four years ago. She lives with her husband and 3-year-old daughter, Danielle. Her older daughter, Alyssa, recently graduated from the Newbury College and is pursuing an interior design career in Boston.

In her spare time, Gay likes to sing. She is a professional classical vocalist and has been a church cantor since she was 18.

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