Michelle Sullivan Appointed Director of Customer Service

Michelle Sullivan joined U-Haul in 1992 as a rate monitor in the Rates and Distribution department. In the 30 years that have followed, she’s held a variety of positions in several departments, including a leadership role for the past 15 years.

Now, she is applying all the know-how she’s amassed in her new role as Director of Customer Service in the U-Haul Contact Center.

Michelle Sullivan

“Each of my positions at U-Haul have been in a support role, with customer service being my No. 1 priority,” Sullivan stated. “Providing help and certainty is critical to ensure that customers come back to U-Haul, and that mission is in everything we do. I’ve been fortunate to learn and gain perspective from exceptional leaders at U-Haul headquarters and in the field. I’m excited to apply that insight to my new leadership position in Customer Service.”

In addition to Rates and Distribution, Sullivan has worked in Point-of-Sale (POS) Support, Operations, the Executive Office, Human Resources and Marketing as an administrative assistant and business analyst. In 2007, she was named Corporate Sustainability manager, the role she held until her most recent promotion.

“Michelle will bring positivity and empathy, along with organization and accountability, to our Customer Service Team and the Contact Center as a whole,” stated Evan Johnson, Vice President of the U-Haul Contact Center. “While building and leading the Sustainability team over the past 15 years, Michelle and her team have accomplished some amazing things by instilling a customer- and team-first mindset. I certainly expect those achievements to continue.

“Michelle has also worked extensively with the field, and I am confident she will leverage those relationships to provide better help and support, along with improved management tools, to help us improve our customers’ experiences.”

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