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Cullen Holyoak 50 Years

Cullen Holyoak: 50 Years With U-Haul

For Cullen Holyoak, the dream of operating his own service station popped into his head when he was still a kid. “My father ran a service station when I was…

Meet the Team: Shannon Papa

In 1984, when U-Haul was still renting anything and everything, U-Haul Pioneer Shannon Papa began her career with the Company. She was hired to answer the phones at U-Haul Moving…

Dee and Logan Frank with U-Haul Dealer Mary Hayden

U-Haul Dealer Pioneer Mary Hayden

Just nine years after U-Haul was founded, the Little Store and U-Haul Dealership in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, opened for business. Doyle “Chuck” Hayden became a U-Haul Dealer on December 4, 1954,…

Walker's Service Group

Walker’s Service: 55 Years and Counting

Back when U-Haul rental equipment carried the message “ONE WAY ANYWHERE,” Lovell was just about as “anywhere” as you could get. Located in the north-central U.S. not far from the…

Phil Schnee 2006

Meet the Team: Phil Schnee

Phil Schnee joined the U-Haul Team in 1953. During the years that have followed, he has amassed enough stories to fill a book—maybe two. Here, in his own words, he…

Top Customer Questions

Top 5 Questions Asked by Our Customers

On the social media customer care team we encounter a wide variety of questions every day. Some we encounter on a daily basis, while others are a bit more uncommon. For instance,…

Styrofoam Litter

Packing Peanut Concerns? Not at U-Haul!

Traditional Packing Peanut Many people come in contact with Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) on a weekly basis. EPS, also known as Styrofoam ® is commonly used to create insulated cups,…

U-Haul driving down street artistic

Ten Things to Do for Sustainable Moving

Moving in the summer? You are not alone. By and large, summer is the most popular season for moving. More than 40 million people in North America moved last year….

Herb Schenewerk and Old U-Haul Truck

A Schenewerk Family Tradition

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo.—Herb Schenewerk is 85 years young, and every morning he gets up and opens the doors to Schenewerk Service Station and U-Haul Dealership, just as he has done…