Tonka U-Haul Truck in Box

One-of-a-Kind Replica U-Haul Truck

  When Rick Ruiz shows people his model truck collection, he can honestly say he has something that no one else has. But he’s not a multi-millionaire who buys rare…

Taj MaSmall

U-Haul Truck Conversion: Taj MaSmall

We’ve all heard of the Taj Mahal, but one girl decided to do something a little different and create her own Taj MaSmall. Kim purchased a used  U-Haul GMC 3500-10′…

Phil Schnee 2006

Meet the Team: Phil Schnee

Phil Schnee joined the U-Haul Team in 1953. During the years that have followed, he has amassed enough stories to fill a book—maybe two. Here, in his own words, he…

santa barbara oil spill

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Rescue Mission

On May 19th, Santa Barbara underwent a tragic oil spill, costing them over 90 million dollars in clean up and repairs. The Refugio oil spill was originally caused by a…

U-Haul consumer confidence

70 Years of Consumer Confidence

As all of us living in this 21st Century know almost too well, technology is constantly changing, and with it so are the various industries and the people it affects….

How Far Is Too Far? Don’t move firewood

When packing your U-Haul truck and/or trailer on moving day, leave the firewood behind! Our partnerships with tree-planting organizations offer a unique insight to forestation issues we otherwise might not…