Getting Fit: U-Haul Wellness Program

Behind every successful company, there are healthy, motivated Team Members striving to make it better. Today, the U-Haul Wellness Program allows the company to take corporate responsibility a step further to ensure its customers are well cared for by first caring for the well being of its employees.

“The Healthier U” initiative began in 2015 as a way for U-Haul to promote wellness to Team Members throughout its system. AMERCO Chairman and President Joe Shoen saw the importance of health and how it translated to work ethic and attitude. Healthy Team Members make for happy Team Members, and happy Team Members seek to satisfy every customer.

As part of the wellness initiative, Team Members enrolled in U-Haul Company’s health plan we’re offered a healthy opportunity by Healthways Fitness Your Way. Blue 365, a Healthways partner, offers affordable monthly gym memberships to more than 9,500 gyms in the U.S., ranging from Anytime Fitness, Curves for Women, LA Fitness and Snap Fitness. There also are a variety of fitness classes offered at a discounted rate.

But that’s not all U-Haul, recipient of the 2016 Healthy Arizona Worksites Program Gold Standard Award, is doing to attract new talent and show its appreciation for current Team Members. U-Haul encourages a healthier lifestyle by reimbursing Team Members who see a registered dietitian.

“U-Haul truly cares about each Team Member’s health and happiness, which speaks volumes for a company,” said U-Haul’s wellness marketing specialist, Monique Wantland. “Since the wellness initiative began, Team Members are constantly talking about their health goals, walking during lunch, going to the gym and most importantly, encouraging others.”

U-Haul promotes smart options in the workplace by asking its Team Members to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator; limiting smoking to a designated area or doing away with it on its properties; and replacing sugary snacks with healthy options in vending machines. Additionally, U-Haul Team Members can access information at their work stations on nutrition, fitness, health, safety, recipes and more.

The fitness movement gets ratcheted up Oct. 15 with the first Company-wide U-Haul Active Day. In Phoenix, there will be a five-mile race at a park. Many U-Haul locations have put together a variety of physical activities across the U.S. and Canada. This is a chance for Team Members, family and friends to be active together. A portion of the registration fee for the Phoenix event will be donated to the Pat Tillman Foundation.

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