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The Spotted Goat Resale

Nine Uniquely Named U-Haul Neighborhood Dealers

Everyone loves a good neighbor, and U-Haul is lucky enough to have thousands of them around the U.S. and Canada. U-Haul neighborhood dealers are local, independent businesses that choose to…

made in america couplers

Made in America: Couplers

A lot of heavy-duty work goes into assembling U-Haul trucks, trailers and moving supplies at our AMFORM factory. One important piece in the moving process is the coupler–which is a…

Former U-Haul truck with Daryl and Rick

“The Walking Dead” Features New Stars

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala.—What do landscapers, food truck owners and zombie apocalypse survivors have in common? They all look to U-Haul for a reliable for-sale truck to keep them in business….

Shooting on Location

Visual Storytelling at U-Haul

U-Haul has made visual storytelling a priority by having an in-house video department that provides support for all departments.  These videos are intended to help U-Haul team members as well…

Made in America – Manufacturing

Since U-Haul’s initial founding by Sam  Shoen and Anna Mary Carty Shoen in 1945, we have manufactured our own moving equipment. Seeing a need for do-it-yourself movers, Sam and Anna Mary started with…