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Matt Rrodrigues Canada Trip

Matthew Rodrigues – A 3,500 MILE ADVENTURE!

Not everyone gets the opportunity to journey from Anchorage, Alaska to Los Angeles, California in a 20 foot U-Haul. Matthew Rodrigues did! He then shared this wonderful video with us….

The Very First U-Haul Trucks

Perhaps nothing is as synonymous with U-Haul as moving trucks. Whether you’re in a congested city or driving along a two-lane road in a rural area, odds are it won’t…

Snow on U-Haul trucks

Heavy Snow in “the Bahamas of Canada”

KELOWNA, British Columbia—Randy May, owner of M & H Auto Sales and U-Haul Dealership, calls Kelowna “the Bahamas of Canada.” No, the people of Kelowna aren’t lounging poolside in shorts…

A Spectacular and Unforgettable Proposal

U-Haul often is a part of its customers’ happiest moments and biggest steps, though it usually involves helping them move. Ehvan Tran used U-Haul moving trucks in a completely new…