U-Haul Boxes

7 Things You Need to Know About U-Haul Boxes

There’s a U-Haul box for everything, for any sort of move. Wine glasses, TVs, clothes that require hangers, dishes, books, lamps and mirrors–they all have specially designed boxes to make…

made in america

Made in America: Awnings and Ramps

The U-Haul production process takes an immense team effort and, with the readiness to assist customers in mind, our team members at the AMFORM (American Fabricators of Raw Materials) plant work…

The Adventures of Boxman

The Adventures of Boxman

No matter how daunting the task of moving is, the journey takes you to new places accompanied by new experiences and opportunities. Your neighborhood moving friend, Boxman, has been helping…

Favorite #UhaulFamous Moving Mothers

Favorite Moving Mothers: #UhaulFamous

Moms on the move, up ahead! With this Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to highlight our favorite “moving mothers” for #UhaulFamous. Check out some of these #UhaulFamous favorite moving…

Dan Ferre Scale

Dan Ferre’s Journey

This is part of a series to share stories about members of Team U-Haul who have committed to make healthy lifestyle choices. Here, Dan Ferre, general manager at U-Haul Moving…

made in america: robotic arm

Made in America: Robotic Arm

Ever wonder why you see so many U-Haul moving vehicles and U-Haul products when you’re out and about? It’s thanks to tools like the robotic arm in our AMFORM (American…

JH Birdhouse

Birdhouse Becomes Lasting Tribute

PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia—When you’re constantly shivering and shoveling snow, it’s easy to pine for the warmer days of spring. At times, it seems the warmer weather will never arrive,…

Children’s Resource Foundation

Children’s Resource Disaster Relief

A hash-tag is defined as a word or phrase used to identify messages on a particular topic. Social media users may use them to pinpoint any fad or popular style,…

Leprechauns, Bunnies, and Boxmen

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but at U-Haul, Boxman comes into March like a leprechaun and goes out like a bunny….