View of Chicago River from Chicago Artists Lofts

U-Haul Chicago Artist Lofts

The U-Haul Chicago Artist Lofts are rich with history and they are just getting started with a new chapter. It began when Alexander Thomson and James Taylor of Thomson &…

Top 10 Moving Meme Challenge Entries

It can be hard to find things in life that are truly satisfying. A walk in the park with a loved one… Skydiving from 10,000 feet in the air… Graduating…

Elaine DeShong receiving 10-Year Service Award from Hap Carty

U-Haul Pioneer Elaine DeShong

If U-Haul could crown a queen of customer service, Elaine DeShong would be that monarch. Though she retired in 1995, her legacy with the company lives on in every move…

Ray Smith and Joe Shoen

U-Haul Pioneer Ray Smith

Henry Ford said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” After many years of hard work and dedication, U-Haul Pioneer and Area District Vice President…

pumpkin whisperer Rose

The Pumpkin Whisperer

Every year, the U-Haul Cafe, an on-site cafe located in the company’s corporate headquarters, holds a contest to guess the weight of the giant pumpkin. The prize: The winner gets…

U-Haul Master Tech Johnny Smith

Meet the Team: Johnny Smith

After 70 years in the moving industry, Team U-Haul knows what it takes to keep our trucks and trailers running smoothly … and it’s much more involved than regular oil…

vintage u-haul toy truck

The History of Vintage U-Haul Toys

Having been around since 1945, U-Haul has a great deal of history behind it. One small piece of this history involves some of the little trinkets that have been produced…

Shane Bohn and U-Haul Gettysburg Team

Team U-Haul WOWs in Gettysburg

GETTYSBURG, Pa.—We can all relate to the iconic lyrics of The Rolling Stones’ song “Satisfaction” at some point in our lives. Moving can be very stressful, and if there’s ever…

U-Haul Allen and Weston Katrina

Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later

NEW ORLEANS—In late August 2005, millions of eyes were fixated on their TV screens watching news coverage of what would become one of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes in U.S….

Dee and Logan Frank with U-Haul Dealer Mary Hayden

U-Haul Dealer Pioneer Mary Hayden

Just nine years after U-Haul was founded, the Little Store and U-Haul Dealership in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, opened for business. Doyle “Chuck” Hayden became a U-Haul Dealer on December 4, 1954,…