U-Haul Pilot Saves Child

U-Haul Pilot Saves Child’s Life

AMARILLO, Texas— Aside from police officers, firefighters, the military and medical professionals, not many people get to experience what it feels like to save someone’s life on a regular basis….

U-Haul Chairman Made His Phone Number Public

Just how committed is U-Haul Chairman Joe Shoen to U-Haul’s customers? Enough to give out his personal cell phone number for customers to call and speak directly to him. Joe…

The Top 5 Strongest Movers

When moving it is always helpful to have someone strong around to do the heavy lifting. Not all of us are built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, after all. We’ve received quite…

U-Haul Pre-Inspector Kat McGrath on Truck

U-Haul Pre-Inspection: Kat Can Do It!

WARRINGTON, Pa.—It’s been 70 years since the iconic image of Rosie the Riveter graced posters and advertisements encouraging women to fill the factory jobs formerly occupied by men—men who were…

U-Haul family

A U-Haul Family Story: Albert Tayman

U-Haul began as a family-owned small business and has grown significantly since then. But what hasn’t changed? The emphasis on family. There are lots of families that work within U-Haul…

Nick Papa Skating 1

Nick Papa: Skating With Style

PHOENIX— “When you’re sitting at the skate park watching all the kids, it’s like sitting at the ocean watching the waves,” declared Shannon Papa, U-Haul Trailer and SRI Program manager….

Returned Wedding Ring

Returned Wedding Ring WOWs Customer

Houston—When U-Haul customer Jay Ribble left his wedding ring on the sink at U-Haul Moving and Storage at 34th Street, he thought he was in the “doghouse” for life. But,…

U-Haul Team Member with Translation App

WOWed in Translation

EL MONTE, Calif.—Math may be the universal language. But in the U-Haul universe, excellent customer service is a language we all speak. This is especially true with Inez Cervantes, general…

#uhaulfamous Tim Quid applying a truck decal

Tim Quid is #UhaulFamous

What is #UhaulFamous? You’ve probably seen the photos on U-Haul trucks, documenting people’s moving adventures during the last 70 years or so. They’re part of the #UhaulFamous campaign, which asks…