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Rooftop Garden Rows

U-Haul Dealership Adds Garden to Roof

ST. LOUIS – U-Haul Stores and Dealerships are not only businesses, they’re also neighbors, and part of being a good neighbor is helping to support and bring together your community. Beau…


What You Need to Know About Collegeboxes

Whether you’re heading to college, coming back home, or trying out a summer abroad program, your mind is probably occupied with what seems like an endless to-do list.  Well, you…

What Comes After Mastery?

DEARBORN, Mich.–It takes many years of studying, coming to know U-Haul vehicles inside and out, to become a master technician. But attaining that title doesn’t mean the learning ends. Twice…

Meet the Team Kyle Royer

Meet the Team: Kyle Royer

The following is an interview with the Program Manager of Field Ops Support, Kyle Royer, and was conducted by Timothy Armstrong on May 10, 2016. Tim: How long have you…


Celebrating a Love For Drums

Dave Carrington has had a long time love for drums, “old vintage drums” in particular. Both himself and his twin brother have a passion for buying, restoring and selling drums….

The Spotted Goat Resale

Nine Uniquely Named U-Haul Neighborhood Dealers

Everyone loves a good neighbor, and U-Haul is lucky enough to have thousands of them around the U.S. and Canada. U-Haul neighborhood dealers are local, independent businesses that choose to…

Favorite #UhaulFamous Moving Mothers

Favorite Moving Mothers: #UhaulFamous

Moms on the move, up ahead! With this Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to highlight our favorite “moving mothers” for #UhaulFamous. Check out some of these #UhaulFamous favorite moving…

Dan Ferre Scale

Dan Ferre’s Journey

This is part of a series to share stories about members of Team U-Haul who have committed to make healthy lifestyle choices. Here, Dan Ferre, general manager at U-Haul Moving…

JH Birdhouse

Birdhouse Becomes Lasting Tribute

PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia—When you’re constantly shivering and shoveling snow, it’s easy to pine for the warmer days of spring. At times, it seems the warmer weather will never arrive,…