The Story Behind Spoot Trailers

Few people know where they came from or how they came to be. We do know, there are three of them. The Spoots are a rare sighting. Herman Spoot, Herman Spoot Jr. and…


#UhaulFamous Photos for Calgary

In close proximity to everything from a thriving nightlife to the incredible Rocky Mountains, Calgary has everything a resident could ask for. We asked our movers to share with us…


#UhaulFamous Photos from Montreal

Filled with growing industries and known to be the largest city in the providence of Quebec, Montreal is a gorgeous place to move to.  We asked our movers to share…


#UhaulFamous Photos from Edmonton

Known as The Gateway to the North or Festival City, there is always something interesting going on in Edmonton.  We asked our movers to share with us their moving experience….


#UhaulFamous Photos from Toronto

Out of anywhere in Canada, last year U-Haul labeled Toronto as the Number One Destination! With its thriving city life, we are not surprised that everyone wants to make their…


#UhaulFamous Photos from Vancouver

Also known as Hollywood North, The Rainy City, or Terminal City, Vancouver is an amazing seaport city, truly like no others. We asked our movers to share with us their…

lizard small

Wild Lizard Hitches Ride on U-Haul Trailer

During a recent trailer inspection at U-Haul Moving and Storage of New Windsor, General Manager (GM) Thomas Keller found an unexpected stowaway. Keller was doing a Level 1 inspection on an…

1948 Hap Carty with trailer at Portland shop

Meet the Team: Hap Carty

Hap Carty is a U-Haul pioneer whose U-Haul story dates back to the Company’s beginning in 1945 when his sister, Anna Mary Carty Shoen, co-founded U-Haul. Here, in his own…